January 10, 2010

Trip to Minnesota

I've been super excited for my trip back to Minnesota this winter, not because of cold & the snow but because I knew that it would be a chance to reunite with my dearest friends and college roomies. It's been about 8 months since we've all been together, so this trip was extra special. We all have children now (well, Ava's on her way) and it's just a really neat stage of life to see everyone in.

I got in Thursday afternoon, it was snowing and cold. Met Eunice at her work and then we headed to her house. She graciously opened her home to me. Friday, we picked up our friend Becky and her son Chaz to spend the day together. And then much to my surprise our friend Sara came all the way from Wisconsin to surprise me for my baby shower this weekend. I didn't think she was coming and so it was an awesome surprise. They are all very sneaky. :)

My friend Jessie came over Friday night too! We're both pregnant, about 8 weeks apart. She's having a little boy and I'm having a girl; we've already arranged a marriage between our unborn children!

I had such an amazing trip to MN, and it was so fun to see friends and lots and lots of people that I love. There are days when I wished we all still lived closer, but I'm so blessed and thankful for the chance to come visit and spend these last few days with them.

This morning, I'm headed to Iowa to spend the next week with my family as we prepare for my little Brother's wedding! Such exciting things already, what a great way to kick off 2010 but with a wedding! I can tell already that 2010 is going to be a great year, quite possibly my favorite!

Here's some pictures of our 4 days together:
Becky & Sara
Me & Becky
Ellie with her "movie goggles" on
All of us and our children, I can't wait for Ava to be in this picture!
Sara & Macie
Me & Macie
Becky & Chaz
The ladies doing some serious construction on a diaper cake
Macie Jill
Macie & Isabelle (they are about a month apart)
Chaz taking pictures of Isabelle

Post & pictures from my Minnesota Baby Shower coming soon!!


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