May 28, 2010

Ava: 2 Months

We're already here, the 2 month marker! WOW! It's hard to believe just a little over 9 weeks ago she came into our lives. I'm really having a hard time remembering what life was like before her. She blesses us daily, we're already mesmerized by her. 

At two months I'm really loving the stage that she's currently in. She's more alert, starting to "talk" and coo at us all the time. She's responsive to the things we say. She's starting to look our way when she hears our voices or we call her name. 

And her smile, I can't get enough of!! Seriously, it's the best thing. Today, I smiled at her and she smiled a BIG smile right back at me. It melted my heart. 

I can't wait for her to laugh. 

We had 1 night this month where she slept through the night. I was really proud of her, but it didn't last long. She hasn't done it since. She's been sleeping about 4 hours and then getting up for a feeding and then going back to sleep for another 4 hours. She's waking up pretty consistently at 6:30 am everyday. That's when we start our day. She has a feeding and it's about the time when she's done Orion gets up and gets ready for work. 

So he spends some time with her in the mornings so I can nod back off to sleep before he goes to work. It's nice. 

I've been trying the "Babywise" method with Ava, and so far she's not really taking to the Babywise method yet. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or she's not having it but it's not really working for us yet. (So any Moms who've done Babywise let me know if it worked or didn't for you)

We spend our days chilling, she's eating about every 3 hours right now and having a few naps during the day that last for about and hour or two. 

We went to the Doctor this past Wednesday, and Ava got some shots. It was pretty much the normal infant shot routine. She cried so much, it was kinda horrible for us to see her like that. The good news is, that she won't remember them when she's this young. She cried some "real" tears for the first time that day. I'd never actually seen tears before that day. 

She was pretty mellow the rest of the day and kinda whimpered throughout the morning. She perked up though by the late afternoon. So far she seems to be doing well. 

Here's some stats from the Doctor visit:

Height: 23 inches 75% - She's getting long! It's kinda crazy, but maybe she'll get my Dutch genes.

Weight: 10 lbs. 4 oz. 50%- I guessed that she was right around 10 pounds, she's gained 3 lbs. since our last visit which means she's getting what she needs from feedings. 

I took these sweet little pictures of her on Monday when she turned 2 Months! Isn't she so cute?!!! I just love all the little faces that she makes. She reminds me of myself, because I used to love to makes all kinds of faces when I was a kid. I'd sit in front of the mirror when I was a kid and see how many I could come up with. 

Orion likes to call her Jitterbug, it's a nickname that seeming to stick around here. He calls her that because she's constantly moving and squirming around. It's crazy. But she's staying true to form as far as what she did while in my belly, she was moving like crazy then too. 

She hates to have her arms or legs really pinned down in any type of blanket. When she was a newborn she'd break free of the swaddle quickly. I eventually stopped trying to swaddle her. Now, when I lay a blanket on her at nap time or at night she quickly kicks them off. 
You've made us so happy these last few weeks. We love you more and more each day. Daddy, says he can't wait to take you out on dates just you and him. We can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next month. 

We love you so much Jitterbug!

Mommy & Daddy


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