May 23, 2010

An Ava fix.

Just in case you need a fix, here's a few snap shots of our cutie from the last couple weeks. I finally dummped what was on my camera today. 

A couple weeks ago Ava and I traveled up to Cottonwood for a birthday party for my friend Julie's son Wyatt. Here's Ava with her Auntie Jennie. 
Um, seriously how big is she in this photo below? She's just chillin'
I love that she's starting to smile to things we say to her, and she's getting such a personality. I love that she's such a happy baby. She really is pretty easy, and for that I am thankful. 
Look at those lips!!! Aren't they the cutest?!!?! And here she's not so sure about the hat we put on her, Orion said he reminded her of that t.v. show "Blossom" anyone else with us here?
Chillin' on a car ride home from Cottonwood. We've made two trips there in the last two weeks. This weekend we traveled to see friends and so Jennie could do my hair. I don't trust many with my locks [to many bad experiences] but now that my friend Jennie is done with Cosmetology school I'm happy to make the trip to see her. 

Here's Ava and I after some much needed hair TLC!! 
She'll be two months old next week! I can hardly believe it. She's going to the doctor on Wednesday, I'll have more to post on her two month appointment after that. I can't wait to see how she's grown.

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you're feeling refreshed and getting a nap today!


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