May 19, 2010

iHeart: Televison

iHeart, is a weekly feature here on Worley House, where we high light and talk about some of our favorite things. 

This week it's all about t.v. I may have a slight addiction to television and the Internet. Just slightly. I love t.v. reality, daytime, prime time I love it all. This week all my fave shows are either ending forever or ending because of their season finales. What will I ever do this summer to get my t.v. fix???

Here's a little list of my fave shows. In no order, I just heart all of these. Let's see if some are your faves too. 

24: Do you watch? I love this show. It's actually one of those shows Orion and I started watching from the very beginning and enjoy watching together. I'm sad to see that it's coming to an end. Maybe they'll make a movie! 

Modern Family: If you don't watch this you're missing out!! Orion and I discovered this show a few months back and we've been hooked. It's so funny! 

The Hills & The City: What can I say? I just can't stop watching this train wreck. Anyone else with me?

Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: I love this couple, they are so fun to watch and they have adorable kiddos too! They are my fave reality family to watch. 

Dancing with the Stars: Glitz, glam, costumes, fun moves what's not to love? This is one of my Monday night favorites! 

Castle: After Dancing, I watch this! Hubby doesn't share my love for this show. But I love it's catchy plot lines, and humor. Not to mention I have a thing for crime dramas. 

Parenthood: This is a new series. The title alone got my attention and I've been loving it ever since. I love family dramas, this one does not disappoint either, it's fastly becoming a fave. 

SVU: The Original crime drama that I love!! Elliot & Olivia are like my long lost friends, they are like real people to me. I love, love this show. I hope they don't cancel it anytime soon like they did Law & Order. 

Greys: Needs no more introduction, we're on a first name basis. I'm pretty sure no hospital in America sees this much drama but I love it!

Private Practice: This season was good, good. I often wonder how do they come up with this stuff? Good writers! 

So, there you have it a little run down of some of my favorite shows that help pass the time away. There's so many shows that I could watch, don't even get me started on all the cable shows that I used to watch. Hello HGTV!! See, I told you I have an addiction. 


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