May 7, 2010

Friday Frills: Save Money

Friday Frills is a weekly feature on Worley House, be warned these posts are just for fun, laughs and pure enjoyment. There is nothing profound about them, they are just for fun! 

For this Friday, I thought I'd pass along with you some of my fave sites for saving a few green backs. These are sites I use daily and sometimes weekly for my shopping needs. I love a good sale, and I hate paying retail for anything. I use coupons. Some may find it tedious and annoying, I however find it helpful, exciting and worth it when my bank account stays a little fuller than expected. 

Pretty much a website after my own heart! Here's what you do, go to the website search a store and find online coupon codes and printable coupons you can take right into the store. 

For example, when I was working on Ava's Chandy last week I needed some supplies. So I went to Retail Me Not and searched Joann's and printed off 3 coupons and used them in the store and saved $15! 

I also use coupons every time I grocery shop. I usually pick up a paper about once every 2 weeks and clip away. Usually saving on average $75 for the month on groceries. I grocery shop for the entire month and plan out meals, that how we roll here. Maybe you do it different in your house but this is what I usually do. 

Since my newspaper lacks in the coupon department sometimes...I go online and print off coupons from these trusty sites:

Yes, even Target has savings you can print off right from their site and use. This may not be for everyone but I just wanted to pass along some useful information that has worked really well for me and my family here at the Worley House! 

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