May 10, 2010

{DIY} Chalkboard Art

I've wanted to do a chalkboard project for a while now, since I don't have the proper space for a large one I decided I'd do something small to start. 

I picked up a small silver platter at Goodwill months ago for about .99 cents. Perfect size for this project. 

Taped off the edges of the platter so the paint would stay and not bleed onto the rest of the platter, and painted away. I let it dry completely and did two more coats after that. 
Then I "cured" it by rubbing chalk all over it, and then rubbing it off again a couple times I repeated this process. 

Then it was ready for writing:
It's the perfect size to put next to our door on the counter, I still need to find a stand for it. Then we can write sweet little messages to each other.

Be Creative Challenge
Week #17


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