May 24, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: For This Child I Prayed

Blog Roll Monday, is a weekly feature here on Worley House where we high light one of the blogs on our list that we read. For a complete list of all the blogs we heart see it on the side bar. 

I started reading Kelli's business blog first and fell in love with her creations long before I even was thinking about having a baby of my own. Kelli and her Hubby found out they were going to be parents themselves, and they started this blog as a way to record their journey. 

Isn't this such a cute name for a baby/family blog?!!? I love it. I've been reading and following her updates since the beginning of their pregnancy and now they have a beautiful baby girl names Lael. She's a cutie pie! 

I love their adventures in pregnancy and now parenthood. 

If you're in the market for a baby gift, check out Kelli's shop, she has adorable baby stuff that she makes all by hand! 

Click here to visit Blush & Bashful her business. 


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