May 11, 2010

So, even though I feel like I've been a Mom for like five minutes I already know that this is the greatest thing I've ever done or will do in my life. I thought being the first in my immediate and extended family to go to college and graduate was by biggest accomplishment. Now, I know that raising Ava and being her Mommy is my biggest accomplishment to date. 

So much about my life and our lives have changed in just the last 7 weeks, I can hardly still remember what life was like before her. Don't get me wrong I love my Hubby and I've treasured and adored the last three years we've had together just us, but I wouldn't wanna go back. She completes our family, she makes us Mommy & Daddy and for that I'm forever thankful. 

So even when she poops her pants on me [like this afternoon] and wakes me up at night, her sweet smile, and laid back spirit makes all those things ok. 

My priorities started to change when I was pregnant and now that she's here, I feel them changing even more. All for the better. I see things a little different now with Ava on my mind to take care of. 
She makes me want to be a better "me" a better wife, a better person and do life better in general. 

I pray, that God gives me the wisdom and strength to be the parent that she needs and deserves. I pray, that she grows to love the Lord and serve him with all her heart. 

And just because they're so cute..... here are my loves:
Aren't they so cute?!! They make my life complete, I love them to pieces. 

I love watching her do....anything. I love this little world, I call motherhood. 


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