May 3, 2010

Visual Decorating

My Husband is always telling me that he needs to "see" my vision when it comes to decorating and re decorating. Sometimes I have a hard time putting what's in my head into words. 

But, thanks to a little blog I read Destiny over at A Place for Us Five had these mood boards, or as I like to call them Visual Decorating boards from Polyvore. Now, I'm sure you've heard of Poyvore before but I hadn't before and today I did and I've been hooked ever since. 

I started to work on some visual decorating boards for our future bedroom & kitchen makeovers. I've been wanting to re decorate both these rooms for sometime now. I've decided that I'll be re doing them once we move into a more permanent place. 

For now, I'm collecting ideas and saving up. Here's my Visual Decorating board for our bedroom makeover:
And, here's some ideas for a kitchen makeover. Currently my kitchen is composed of reds and blacks. My tastes have changed in the last three years since we got married and registered for stuff. I want something bright and cheery. I want to frame some of the food pictures I've taken as the art work. Here's my ideas for the kitchen:

I showed them to Hubby and he loved them, and he loved the idea of the Visual Decorating boards. These are a great jumping off point for us. I can't wait to collect more ideas and add to our ideas.

Check out Polyvore if you haven't already, I promise it's really addicting.


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