May 5, 2010

Ava: 6 weeks

Ava is 6 weeks old today. She's grown so much in the last few weeks. She's starting to get a little personality. She's started to smile and react to the things we say, it's so cute and fun to watch. I could just stare at her for hours, and sometimes I do. 

She's out grown some of her newborn clothes, and is fitting into 0-3 month sizes. She's still wearing newborn diapers, the size 1's are a little big still. 

She's working on about 3 wardrobe changes per day, due to spit up & blow outs. I'm averaging about 2! 

We Skype often with the Grandmas and Aunts & Uncles. I love it, it makes me feel like even though we live so far away our family will still get to see her and know her. 

She's sleeping about 3-4 hours every night and then getting up. During the day she's still napping frequently, and eating about every 3 hours now. 

Isn't she beautiful? I know I'm bias, I'm pretty sure every Mommy is. I'm looking forward to spending & celebrating Mother's Day this weekend with my girl! 

Happy 6 weeks Ava! Mommy & Daddy love you SOOOO much! 


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