May 13, 2010

Free Tip of the Week: Get the Stains Out!

I'm going to pass along a little tip that was give to me this week by a friend. Since we've had our fair share of blow outs and poo stained outfits this week my friend shared with me that if you wash out most of the poo from the outfit and place it in the sun to dry it magically takes out the stains for you. 

WOWzers, I thought!! Could this be true!?!! 

So sure enough, the next time Miss Ava had a "little" blowout, I did just that. And, whatta you know it took the stains out just like she said. 

You want the scientific reason; baby poo (if you're breastfeeding) has Bilirubin in it. So if you put it in the sun, it disappears, like magic! 

Plus, this saves money on having to try out all those different stain removers! 

PS- Ava had a blowout this morning, her wardrobe is drying in the sun as I type this now! 

image: via


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