May 3, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Make it And Love It

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where we high light one of the blogs that we read. If you'd like to see the complete list of blogs we read visit the About Us tab.

Make it And Love It is one of my new fave blogs to read! Ashley, has a ton of great projects that she tackles weekly and shows you just how she did it. Everything from crafts, sewing projects, to making your own play dough she has something for everyone at every skill level. 

Some of my favorites that she's posted are the clothing tutorials that she's posted. She's made some awesome stuff for her little ones. I hope to one day make some cute stuff for Miss Ava from some of her examples. 

She even has an amazing Etsy Shop where she sells her patters for a lot of things she's made so you too can make them. Jump on over to her blog, fall in love and create something too! 

Happy Monday Folks! 

ps- coming later this week a new feature on Worley House called iHeart! Stay tuned! 


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