May 10, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Joy's Hope

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature of Worley House, where we high light one of our favorite blogs on our blog roll. For a complete list of all the blogs we heart check out the "About Us" section. 

I came across Julie's blog Joy's Hope while reading one of my fave photogs blog that's when I read Julie and her Husband's story. Her blog is a delightful collection of stories about her children, a zest and love for life, sewing & craft tutorials (some of my personal faves) and all the while giving a tribute and honoring the memory of their daughter Joy who is in heaven.

I won't even take the time to tell you Joy's story, I think you should jump on over and read it for yourself. Their lives are inspiring, when I found their blog I took 3 days to catch up on all their posts some time back. It's worth reading.

Thank you Julie for sharing just a little bit of your life with readers like me!

Happy Monday & Happy Reading!


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