August 2, 2010

Board, Batten & Wainscoting

I've been seeing these ideas all over the blog world and decorating websites. And I quietly tuck these ideas away, save the pictures and long for our own home where I can put some of these ideas to use and life. 

Alas, we just moved again. Into a new space, a rental space but none the less we've decided to make it ours. Realistically we're probably going to live in this new space for another year at least, maybe more. So we really decided to up the anty and try to make it our own. 

Fortunately, we're able to paint. And I'm a firm believe that paint can transform a room if you let it be more than just paint. 

I'm loving the idea of wainscoting and board & batten. I'd love to do this in our home someday. These are traditionally done with mouldings, MDF boards, etc. But, I've been thinking a lot about how could we achieve the same look only with paint. 

I think I've figured it out. So we're going to give'r a whirl and see how we do. I'm currently painting our new space, taking a little break today to write this post. I can't wait to share it with you, and hopefully give you some ideas of your own. 

But, for now I'll leave you with some pretty images that were my inspiration:



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