May 4, 2011

12 in 12: Book #4

My book #4 in my 12 in 12 Challenge was an interesting read. I actually finished it by the end of the month which I was really excited about considering how book #2 didn't go so well.

Onto my thoughts, this book was published in 2009 at the height I think of when Facebook was gaining all sorts of popularity and publicity considering its legal battles with its creator. No one can deny that social media has become a daily part of our lives, it's just like brushing our teeth. Many people log on multiple times a day to their social media choice.

This book talks about our basic need as humans for connection and community. It's just the truth we were made to crave connection, it's the way God designed us. To be in community with one another. At the heart of this book is the question of:

How has this social media of Facebook changed how we relate to others?

How we see or do ministry in the church?

How are we ministered to?

While he had some good things to say, they weren't profound by any means to me. I know that sounds really critical but this is a review so we're allowed to be a little bit. It was really hard for me to get through this book only because I felt like I wanted him to tell me something I didn't already know. Or hadn't already thought about or analyzed myself about community and our relationships with one another.

He did however, have some good points at the end on how we can choose to use Facebook in a positive way to impact others for Jesus, he also talked about prioritizing social media in our lives and how to not get so consumed. I appreciated those thoughts.

I would recommend this book to someone who has never thought about this idea of social media, the church and the community. It will give you some things to think about.

For someone like me who is already over analytical about everything in life constantly re evaluating life this isn't for you. It will only annoying you. ;)


*** (my rating)


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