May 18, 2011

{Project Baby B} How You Can Help

Hello Everyone!!

Today I wanted to take the time to tell you how you can be apart and help Daniel and Lyndsie in their adoption efforts.

Last Fall they were heavy on my mind and my heart. It was around that time that I really started praying and dreaming of a way that I could help them.

They have been on my heart and mind a lot these last few months, I pray for them daily and believe with them that someday soon they will bring their baby home. Orion and I struggled with infertility before we got pregnant with Ava. At the time it was very hard to walk through, I couldn't imagine never being able to have a child. I know only a small piece of what it is like to yearn for a child of my own. I truly believe that adoption is one of the most selfless things a family can do. The choice to make a child that isn't biologically your own yours is an amazing thing. And I really think it shows a true picture of how Christ loved us.

This got me to thinking; How can I help them? I mean really help them?! I talked to my husband about donating the proceeds from Ava's Closet to their adoption fund, he agreed that it was a wonderful idea.

I wanted to do more for them, it was on my heart to do a fundraiser with them in mind to help them raise awareness and funds for their adoption to bring their child home. They are such a unique and special couple, with amazing hearts I would just love to do something to bless them. The Lord has laid it on my heart to raise $1000 for their adoption fund, and I truly believe that together we can do that!!!

From now until the end of the month half of the proceeds from Ava's Closet will be donated to the Brooker's adoption fund! You can go here to shop:
Ava's Closet Logo

Friday I will be having an Adoption Fundraiser for the Brooker's here on the blog! I have partnered with some amazing handmade shops! Their generosity has been amazing and so overwhelming, I'm truly humbled by their desire to help! Here's a list of who will be involved in this fundraiser:

All details for the fundraiser will be announced and given on Friday, there will be a widget on the bottom of that post, that looks like this, to track our fundraising efforts: (you can donate at anytime by clicking it)

I will be donating, I hope that you will pray and consider donating as well! You can find out more about this couple by visiting their adoption page here.


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