May 31, 2011

12 in 12: Book #5

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I've been doing so well with this year's challenge, I'm so excited that I'm getting in more reading this year. I read on my lunch breaks at work, it's the perfect 30 minute escape. Book #5, I was really excited to read Crazy Love, I'd heard so many great things about this book from others and couldn't wait to dive in.

This book is about an authentic love with Jesus. To be quite honest a lot of the themes and topics in the book didn't quite hit me where I'm at these days. But the last chapter was really good! The last chapter of the book the author talked about how God loves us so much he created us uniquely our own.

There's a sentence in the book where he says "God only created one Francis Chan." Only one.

It's such a powerful statement to really take it. And I feel like we need to be reminded of that small simple statement on how much God loves us.

There's only one Andrea Worley. He's uniquely made me, called me to serve a purpose, and gifted me like no one else. The dreams he's given me aren't like anyone else's. What I will do for the Lord will be different than anyone else's. I feel so privileged to carry out what he's called me to.

The attention to detail he took to create me, is overwhelming at times when I really think about it.

He loves me so much. And daily, I want to fall more in love with Jesus and serve him in a crazy kinda way!

**** (my rating)


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