May 26, 2011

{Sponsor Love} Welcome Zoara Jewelry

I wanted to introduce you and welcome a new sponsor here at the Worley House! Zoara Engaging Diamonds & Jewelry! Diamonds are a girl's best friend right?! Truth be told, I don't own a lot of diamonds other than my wedding rings but I do love to look and shop for pretty things and let me tell you Zoara doesn't disappoint in that department.

Here's a little bit more about this company:
Zoara is the culmination of over 50 years of combined professional expertise in the diamond and jewelry industries. For decades the company's founders and management have been offering high-end jewelry and diamonds to the public in retail stores throughout the United States. Now, after years of collective requests from our customers, we are delighted to offer the much anticipated internet platform for our retail stores, in the form of Zoara. Founded in 2008, their U.S. based website is the first extension of their combined Diamond Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and retail experience to reach the public market in the form of a sophisticated online retail marketplace.

Here's just a few of their pretty pieces from their line:

(L to R:) heart shaped pendant, key to my heart pendant {my personal fave}, men's engraved wedding band

(L to R:) criss cross wedding ring, stud earrings {what girl doesn't need a nice pair of earrings like this?}, heart shaped engagement ring

Zoara has a great option for Brides and Grooms to design your own engagement rings, They have a great selection of wedding rings. I'm drooling over a 10 year anniversary band already! So many pretty choices to have is a good thing! And, if your Hubby lost his ring in the lake shortly after you wed, you can check out their selection of men's wedding rings and get said Hubby a new one!

They have a great selection of unique engagement rings, if I was to choose all over again I think I'd pick this one, or this one. {Hubby are you reading this?} And diamond studs are also on my list of wants, someday!

And, if you need help navigating the diamond world they offer great tips and full explanations on their site about half carat diamond and how to buy diamonds! Do you want even more incentive to visit Zoara and take a look around? They are offering all Worley House readers a discount of 10% using code: 10K at check out! Just make sure you bring your Hubby along with you and let him know how much you love their jewelry!

Click the side bar banner to be taken to their site, or click here.  


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