May 23, 2011

{Project Baby B} An Update

I wanted to update you all on that Daniel & Lyndsie are in the process of adopting a precious baby boy! It is with their permission that I share this news with you, it is an answer to prayer for the them! Their baby boy is at home with them now as they continue and finalize the final legal things they need to to adopt this child.

It is with great excitement & JOY that I congratulate them on becoming a family and adopting this sweet child!! I want to do my best to protect their privacy and honor this family as best I can.

With that said, I have chosen to continue along with this fundraiser for their adoption costs as there are many costs involved in choosing to adopt a child. I also want to make note of two things; one is that it was on my heart and my CHOICE to have this fundraiser in the first place it was also my choice to donate the proceeds of Ava's Closet to this cause. Two, EVERY LAST SPONSOR OF THIS FUNDRAISER WAS NOTIFIED ABOUT THE BROOKERS ADOPTING AND ALL HAVE CHOSEN TO MOVE FORWARD WITH ME IN THIS FUNDRAISER!

No one was misled and there is no dishonesty happening with this fundraiser. I ask that we respect this family and their privacy and REJOICE with them during this time. I am so happy and excited for the Brookers as they become a family and experience the joys and all the amazing moments that come with parenthood!


I am reminded of John 16:33 during this time. Take heart, Jesus has overcome the WORLD and he will over come any rumours or negativity surrounding this time. This is and will be the last time I will address this on the blog.

If you would like to donate to their adoption fund and be entered to win some amazing prizes please scroll below or click here!


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