May 6, 2011

Friday Frills: Have You Pinned?

Friday Frills; is a weekly feature where we talk about all things fun since it's Friday of coarse!


It's been a while since we've had a Friday Frills post! I hope you're having a fun and Happy Friday! This weekend is Mother's Day, do you have any special plans to make things great for your Mom? Is your Hubby planning something special for you this weekend with your kiddos? Whatever it is, I hope that you're blessed and loved this Mother's Day.

Okay, I have to share with you all my latest obsession, and newest find! It's called Pinterest! Have you heard of this? I found out about this during Creative Estates, and I warn you now it's highly addicting and a good time waster.

There you've been warned! Now, onto why I love it so..........

Do you ever see pictures or ideas of great things on blogs and websites? I do. I've got a folder on my computer of inspiration photos of decor, cakes, photography, you name it!

Well pinterest is a way that you can mark or "pin" those pictures and ideas to a digital board and it stores them all on your pinterest account for you to refer back to! It's so fun, I see something I love, pin it and can come back to it or share it with others really easy.

When I'm on blogs or websites throughout my day if I see something I like I just "pin" it and it's marked and ready to view later!

Here's a sample of my pin boards:

Click here, to start pinning! Or email me if you need an invite! andreaworley[at]live[dot]com

Happy Friday!!


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