December 6, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: J & A and Co.

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list, why I love them and why you should check them out too! See a complete list of all the blogs I love see the side bar to the right. 

This blog has been on my reading list for a while now, Andrea's blog (I know, she's rad right!) is filled with so many awesome things here's just a list of my faves: her cute kiddos (she's got 4) fun ideas for the family, great crafts, and lots of tips & tricks for the kitchen!

Since I've found her blog she inspires me to create family memories, and moments that my child and future children will come to love and remember. She's got some great ideas that her and her family do as traditions and I LOVE them. Her blog is filled with pictures of her home and family that give you just a little glimpse into what life is like in their home. 

(See I told you her kids were cute!!!)

She has a love of photography which is evident in the amazing pictures she posts of her kids and friends. 

She's recently shared her weight loss secrets and is one smokin' mama, that inspires me to loose the rest of this baby weight. 

I started reading her blog last Christmas and fell in love with her ideas for Christmas, some of which I'm implementing some of them this year. 

I look forward to each time she writes, what ideas she'll share, and how I loose myself in her honestly and love for her family. 

One of the reasons I really love the blogging community is inspiring people like her. 

Check out her blog tonight, say "Hi" and give her some love today. Happy reading everyone.

Happy Monday!


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