December 4, 2010

{DIY} Christmas Wreath

We have an over hang of cabinets above our sink, the side that faces the living room is where we did our version of wainscoting, I wanted to make it festive for Christmas and Hubby had the idea that we should hang a Christmas wreath there (he's full of good ideas this year) so off we were the Saturday after Thanksgiving to hunt for something to fill that space.

First stop JoAnn's because I needed to get some crafting supplies. I saw a lot of awesome wreaths there they were all 50% off but the one that I loved the most was still $50 at half off! Well, that just won't do here in the Worley House. 

So we decided to make our own with some of the awesome finds at JoAnns that day. First we started with a blank fake pine wreath. At half off we scooped it up for $5, YES!!! I love that. Here's what we started with:
Then we needed some stuff to fill it up with, I picked up all these things still at 50-60% off at JoAnns. Some white tree picks, and 1 bunch of green glittery flowers.
 Here's all my random goodies:
Then I started with the big flowers first and placed them in the wreath, then I added the white flower picks and just messed with it till I liked what it looked like. 
 Here's a little close up:
 And here it is hanging in the space:

I really love how it turned out, and I like it even better than the one I saw at JoAnns already put together. 
Then I added some white wooden snowflakes that my Mom gave me years ago and hung them all together up on the over hang, here's how they look all together:
I love it! It's simple, but I really love the colors and the whole arrangement. 

Total Cost: (including all the supplies) $10

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Week #48


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