December 18, 2010

Milestones: First Fever & Case of the Sickies

This is probably one of those milestones that I'd soon forget, but I knew at some point she was going to get sick, have a fever or have them all at the. same. time! And this past week, we had just that. A major case of the sickies (if that's not a word I'm making it one) and a fever!

For that past couple weeks now she's been wheezing a bit and snoring, I could tell she was getting really congested. We did our best to use the bulb syringe to get all the nasty stuff out, she didn't like us for that either. 

She's been cutting a second top tooth now for weeks, so that didn't help her case any either. Poor girl. Monday night she woke up at 2 am, and then everyday after that pretty much around the same time. Crying and crying. We brought her into bed with us, (cause Daddy is kinda a sucker when it comes to his baby girl) and tried to console her as best we could, feeding her and giving her some Tylenol for those teeth. 

Wednesday though, we took her temp and it was 100.7 yikes! Poor thing was all literal hot mess! So, I tried a little home remedy that my girlfriend and fellow Mommy told me about, and it worked like a charm and we were able to break the fever that way, and she eventually fell back to sleep. 

Thursday she wasn't quite back to her normal self until later that evening, and these last few days she's been doing OK. I'm glad to see her on the up & up, and playing like normal. It's no fun when your kids are sick, I feel like I want to do all I can for her and make her better quick. I'm know we'll have more sick days in our future, I hope they come and go quickly like this one seemed to do. 

But one good thing about sick days, that make you want to cuddle more, curl up on blankets and spend the day together! And that's just what we did, sometimes LOVE is the best cure all! 


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