December 31, 2010

{Save Money} With Coupons

As we close out 2010 I wanted to share with you all one of the biggest ways that we've saved in 2010, and the way that I've used to save a lot of dough in our everyday lives since getting married. 

Coupons people. Coupons. 

Now, I'm not an expert by any means. I know there are crazy coupon ladies out there that SAVE BIG, they have systems and crazy other stuff they do. 

I am not one of those. But this is what works for us, and I usually save $50-75 every single time I go to the grocery store. 

I shop for the entire month for our family. This is easier for us to do since it's just the two of us and Ava isn't a big eater yet. In order to do this I plan out my meals week by week for the entire month. 

Then I find coupons for the things that are on that list. I buy the Sunday newspaper every week and clip the coupons in them. Sometimes I buy two if there's really good coupons in them. I also use these sites and print out coupons out:

(my grocery list & coupons)

Next, I scour the weekly ads for what might be on sale that week and buy the items I need. Sometimes if there's a good sale/deal on meat or whatever I'll buy more and freeze it. 

The trick is to pair the sales items with the coupons to maximize your savings. 

Also, check out your local grocery stores and see what coupons deals they have. For example, we have a grocery store that accepts other competitors coupons, and also prices matches with other stores. They also make ever manufacturer's coupons worth $1. Whatever deal you can find pair it with the coupons you already have and get even more savings! 

Another website I use a lot is Retail Me Not, there you can type in the name of a store print free coupons, or use online shopping codes for free shipping or percentages off. Anytime I'm going to purchase something online I always go there first to find a free shipping code or 10%, 15% or whatever off. 

I must say I truly love when my receipt tells me my total savings at the bottom. It's so great to see how much we've saved to put towards other things. 

So here's to saving more in 2011 and becoming coupon savvy yourself! 

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