December 10, 2010

{DIY} Festive Candy Bars

I found this little idea online, and I just thought it was too cute! I decided to try and make these for my Ladies Ornament Exchange at church a couple weekends ago. They make great party favors for any party, and it's a good way to use up left over wrapping paper scraps. Don't we all have those, and don't know what to use them for? 

Well, here's an idea. You can use any kind of wrapping paper you want, this would also be perfect for birthday parties or other gatherings you might have. I'm thinking about making these for Ava's birthday party too. 

Here's what you need:
Chocolate Candy Bars (I went with Hershey, I tried to find the ones with the silver paper but my store didn't have them so I got these instead)
Wrapping Paper (any kind/print)

Using the candy bar make a template for your wrapper, once you've got the template use that to measure and cut out as many as you need to cover your candy bars completely. 

 Keep cutting and stacking them up until you have enough, I needed 12 pieces to cover mine. 
Then, lay your candy bar down and tape one end down, and then the other end over the one you already taped. Kinda like wrapping a gift! 
 It'll look like this:
Repeat this process till you've covered all your candy bars. Then pile them up and admire your handy work and how awesomely creative you are! Try not to eat them. 
 Aren't they prettier than just plain candy bars? Yup, I think so too!! 
Be Creative Challenge
Week #50

*I'm a little ahead of myself on my BC Challenge, which is great! Because for a while there I was thinking that I wasn't going to be able to finish by the years end. But, I only have two more weeks of projects to share with you. Stay tuned as I finish out this year's challenge and introduce you to next year's challenge. 


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