December 2, 2010

A Day In November

A Day In November...........

Yes, I know it's December but I was waiting for Mrs. B to post hers before I posted mine. 

Don't be mad, ok. 

So here we go....... I decided to document what our "days" look like now with both of us working.

November 30th, 2010

6: 00 am, I get Ava up and get her dressed and ready. Her room looks like this today. I'm ashamed and tired, it will have to wait till tonight for a clean up.

 I get Ava a bottle, and she eats while I get ready. We chill in the bathroom together. But first I need to make sure Daddy is up and awake. 
 Our room, it's a hot mess once again I'm ashamed my bed isn't made. I hope my Mom doesn't read this. 
 The scene of the crime, I mean the bathroom in the morning. 
 By 7:15 am I'm driving to work, a little holiday music on the radio and.........
 My breakfast in my lap, healthy I know. 

By 8 am I'm at work. 
 Somewhere between 9 am & 12 pm I made this to do list, it's actually a list of "craft" projects that I want to tackle before the year is over. 
 1 pm I'm back from lunch and making another to do list in my planner this time. See all that stuff crossed off? I feel accomplished for the day. 
 4:30 pm my sight at my desk at work. Closing down shop for the day, off to pick up my girl. 

 5:30 pm Picked up the mail today, and it was a day of packages. One BIG box from my Mama with my Christmas present inside. 
 The other from Shutterfly, it's the FREE photo book I ordered. 
 I gave Ava the box and let her play. She decided to sit on it. Who needs toys anyway when you have boxes to play with?

 What's in the BIG box? My NEW cookware from my MOM! I haven't had new cookware in years, I've been using the same cookware for 6 years, the Teflon is scraping off inside I'm pretty sure it's slowly releasing chemicals into our insides....ok so maybe that is a bit dramatic but I'm so very excited about these pans. 

 Ava liked the box. She tried to climb inside. 

 Look at'em......aren't they AWESOME.........

6:45 pm we're back on the road to get Daddy from work. 
(I don't have pictures of this, it's not very exciting)

7:30 pm we're back at home. I get Ava ready for bed. And finally sit down myself. 

First on the list, finish addressing the Christmas cards. 
 See, they are almost ready. 

Next up, Skype with Mom. 

 Messy kitchen table..... 

Here comes my messy house, that's next on the list........
Here you go, here's your peek of my HOT mess of a house! 

I can't even handle it, I have to start cleaning. I'm having a ladies ornament exchange at my house on Saturday. Nothing like a little holiday gathering to kick yourself or your house in the pants and get your clean on! 

9 pm, I start cleaning. 

10 pm, I am off to bed! 


Linking up with Mrs. B and all the other bloggers sharing their days in November. 
Check them out, they are more exciting than mine.



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