December 7, 2010

Fashion Finds at {Wal-Mart}

Sunday night I had to go to Wal-Mart to buy a new trash can [i hate spending money on things like trash cans] while I was there with no baby or hubby I suddenly lost myself in running around and looking at lots of random things that Wal-Mart had to offer that night. I found a pair of cheap-o leggings a couple weeks back for $5 and decided again to check out the clothing, to see if there were any diamonds in the rough that I missed, to my surprise I found a few things I actually like, and they are pretty cute and affordable to. Here's my finds:

Now, while although I find Miley Cyrus completely annoying [don't tell my niece] I did find some pieces in her fashion line.
this cute little guy was $14

this little number might be fun for a date with hubby at $7

Then I ventured over and found these little gems in the slipper dept. aren't they cute?
And for $10 I think I'd love to have them on Christmas morning.

then I found this cute shirt, and it reminded me of the one Mrs. B was wearing on Thanksgiving.

What do you think? Have I converted some of you? Have I inspired you the next time you're at Wal-Mart or another store you don't usually shop at to check out what they might have to offer, to see if you can score some unexpected great deals!?!

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