December 3, 2010

Friday Frills: {Got You Covered}

Two of my favorite celebs (yes, I have faves don't you?) are on the covers of two of my favorite magazines. Hubby asked me what he could get me for my stalking this year, I told him magazines cause who doesn't love a good magazine to read Christmas morning when you're lounging around?! I do! 

First off my fave Reese, she's one hot workin' Mama! I really love her as an actress and I think had I grown up in Tennessee we'd probably been friends, I'm sure! ;) 

Plus I kinda like her even more since our daughter's have the same name, how's that for six degrees?!!!!

Ms. Witherspoon got her start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week! Here she is with her kiddos Ava & Deacon, celebrating! Doesn't her daughter look just like her! It's truly a mini me situation going on here. 
Then there's Carrie, on my other fave Instyle for the month of December. I scooped this one out in the line at the grocery store today, she gushes about married life and celebrating holidays and you feel like her best friend, or at least I do. 

My husband told me all good things come from Oklahoma, here's just a few:

My Husband
Carrie Underwood
4 Miss Americas

Those are the three I like the most! 

What about you? What are you fave magazines, and what celebs do you like to see on the front?

Happy Friday!!


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