December 19, 2010

A Green Christmas

Since we're about 5 days away from Christmas I thought it was time to show you our home this year that I've been decorating these past weeks, as I've showed you some {DIY} projects here on the blog. Remember this years color theme of silvers, whites and greens? Well, I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out, I think I'll keep it like this for a few years. 

First up, a simple table center piece, I've had this faux flower arrangement for years. I just added some ribbon, and put it on a white platter I already had, then added some green and white ornaments. 

Small little ornaments in glass vases or jars can go along way. I love them because they are simple and classic. And I have a ton of these around my house so it's pretty easy and cost effective to do this. 

My {DIY} wreath, that hangs over our sink area in the kitchen. Complete with some wooden snowflakes my Mom gave me years ago. 
We picked up a few boxes of green ornaments, and just added them to the silver ornaments we already had. 
This little sign I found at a Christmas shop in Stillwater, MN the first year we were married. It's been in the center of my tree ever since! 

I really, really love having a working fireplace! It's a lot of fun to hang stockings and do the whole mantle up for Christmas!
And, the top of the mantle area, a little project I worked on today while Ava took a little afternoon snooze. 
Another little Christmas gem from Stillwater, MN.
To make the coffee table complete I took a bowl I already had and once again filled it with green ornaments.

I feel like a little ribbon and ornaments go along way when decorating for Christmas, it's classy and doesn't break the bank. 
And, here's our little Christmas card holder that I worked on a few weeks back. I love getting all these Christmas cards in the mail every year and seeing how families changes and reading their letters. It gives me a great excuse to check the mail! 

I love that there are three stockings this year, eventually I really want to get these monogrammed with our names on them.
This has been one of my favorite years to decorate probably because my Husband was so into it, and helped me shop and with some of the ideas. And Ava has helped by pulling off all the ornaments from the tree one by one. I can't blame the girl though, I have a weakness for shiny and glittery things too! ;)

Merry Christmas! I hope your home is as cozy and warm as mine!

Linking up our tree this year with Megan @ Honey We're Home

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