March 23, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: Pink Coffee Photoart

Blog Roll Monday- I read about 40 some blogs a week, and I'm always finding more blogs I love to read and add them to my list. This is where I feature 1 blog off my list and tell you why I love it, and why you should start reading too!

I read a few photography blogs that keep me fresh and on my toes, and this is one of my favorite photo blogs. Pink Coffee Photoart is a blog from Lyndsay who lives in Florida. She has a passion for life, and she loves the Lord. That is reflective in her photography. What I really love about her style is her bright colors, and boldness in her shots. She's also very creative with a camera and a lens. I've learned a lot from her blogging. I really like her fresh, vibrant take on things.
If you love fun expression, I think you too will love this blog. Happy Reading.
(click the above link to view her blog)

Next week: 3 Peas Photography


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