March 27, 2009

Kisses & Disses

KISSES & DISSES, is a weekly feature where I hi light my 5 favorite things (KISSES) and 5 DISSES from the week!

KISSES, to Mr. Mailman for bringing me not 1 but 2 lenses this week!
KISSES, to my wonderful Hubby for his little notes he left me around the house today!
KISSES, to my Grandma for her wonderful phone call this week, I need that!
KISSES, to my BF Sara who is going to have her 2nd baby this weekend! Love you! Can't wait to meet her!
the possibilities that await Hubby and I in the future. I'm excited about them.

DISSES, to this nasty weather we are having in MN. I thought I was Spring?!
DISSES, to Mr. Bentley for throwing up on me this morning..... seriously is was sick!
DISSES, our garage door that is broken again, and to the Association who refuses to fix it for us.
DISSES, my computer... you know I do not like you right now when you crash on me.
overwhelming bills on my desk! Please go away!


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