March 16, 2009

A Book Review: Multiple Blessings!

I got this book for Christmas, as most of you know I love their show; Jon & Kate plus 8! My hubby got this book for me, and I started reading it on the plane ride to Vegas and finished it this past weekend at the cabin. It's not a long book by any means, I am just slow at reading books. :) I read more blogs, than books these days. Does that count?

Anyway, back to the book.

I was excited to start reading this book, as I am very intrigued by their story, and wanted to know more about this family. I wasn't sure what to expect from the book, I had no clue was it was going to talk about, other than what I read on the book jacket.

While I am not a parent yet, I believe every parent, or expecting parent should read this book whether you have 1 kid or 8 kids I think you should read it. I found this book to be very inspiring to me, not only as a future parent, but as a believer too. As I read, I could only imagine the struggles they have faced in the short 10 years they have been married, in all they have faced.

They talk a ton about their fears, trials, and struggles to have children, then becoming pregnant, and finding out about the fantastic 6! I also found out that Jon a few months after the 6 were born was laid off from his job. I really felt like I could identify with this family, feeling much of their same fears and trials. I too, have a lot of the same things against me, when it comes to fertility.

I was really inspired by their story of faith, and trust in God through all of it. At the end of the book Kate, reveals 6 lessons that she's learned throughout all this. I really feel like those 6 lessons are worth the whole book. Every chapter of the book has a scripture theme surrounding it. This is just one thing I really loved about reading this book. I probably could go on, and on about this book more, I would highly suggest picking it up and reading it. I loved it a lot, and can't wait to read more about this family in the future.


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