March 20, 2009


KISSES & DISSES, is a weekley feature where I hi light my 5 favorite things (KISSES) and 5 DISSES from the week!
Kisses, to saving $30 on my grocery bill this week (ask me how I did it later.)
Kisses, to Friday date night with Hubby! ;)
Kisses, ordering new photog equipment! I am excited for it to arrive in the mail. Thank you
Kisses, to my Grandma for sending me the most thoughtful card this week! Love you!
Kisses, all the very sweet comments that have been left on my blog this week!
Disses, to the nasty letter we got in the mail from our Association. They nit pick everything.
Disses, my computer for kicking me off and crashing more than once this week!
Disses, the 5 loads of laundry I did today! Yes, 5!
Disses, to Bentley waking me up early this morning.... very early.
Disses, to snow on the first day of Spring!


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