March 21, 2009

Cookies & Coffee

Saturday evening while Hubby was enjoying March Madness I was in the kitchen baking. I felt really inspired by this new blog I'm reading to up my game! So, I ventured into the kitchen to make cookies for Me and Hubby! Bentley wanted to help too!
So I confess, I had a little help from Betty.

See, made with love already!

I prefer to hand roll them, and then place them on cookie sheets. Pampered Chef heavy duty cookie sheets, they are my fave. One of the best investments I've made in my kitchen!

You have to have the criss cross marks or they aren't peanut butter cookies!

Can't wait to eat these!

Yum! Hubby and I sat and sipped coffee and ate warm cookies. Ps- these awesome red mugs were a steal I found at Goodwill a couple years ago!
Some of my favorite things to bake are cookies & cupcakes! I love being creative with decorations, frosting and sprinkles.
What's your favorite thing to bake?


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