March 20, 2009

Weekly Features: *Coming Soon*

I've decided to add a few weekly features to my blog, every week you will now find these weekly blogs & tidbits!

Blog Roll Monday- I read about 40 some blogs a week, and I'm always finding more blogs I love to read and add them to my list. Coming this Monday, I'll feature 1 blog off my list and tell you why I love it, and why you should start reading too!
I SAY- is just a random list of thoughts that I have about life, and whatever else comes to mind that day!
Friday Frills- Is my weekly feature on entertainment and fashion! These are just for fun! They do not pertain to Hubby, Marriage or Family!
KISSES & DISSES- My weekly feature about 5 things I LOVE and 5 things I'm dissing this week!


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