March 27, 2009

Fantastic Friday- On this day....

Fantastic Friday- is a weekly feature on entertainment and fashion! These are just for fun! They do not pertain to Hubby, Marriage or Family!

Today's feature is a little article I found on, that tells you all about the things or people who were born on your birthday. Naturally this intrigued me, so I went to the article to find out more.

October 18th- My day!
Here's a few things that happen on my birthday.
October 18, 1767- The Mason-Dixon line is established (if you don't know that this is, look it up and don't tell anyone.)
October 18, 1867- The U.S. officially takes ownership of the territory Alaska! Hello, Sara Palin!
October 18, 1873- Reps from Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Rutgers Universities formulate the rules for football! Yeah, Go Hawks!!
October 18, 1898- American troops raised the U.S. flag over Puerto Rico.
Nothing cool happened after the 1800's...except for me being born of coarse!!
When I was in high school I shared my birthday with about 10 other students also born on my day. Here's a few cool celebs born on my day:
Chuck Berry and Mike Ditka
And just for fun, I checked out Hubby's Birthday. Wow, he is way cooler than me. He had 2 Presidents born on his birthday, and an American explorer. And, a few more cooler things happened on his day Nov. 2nd!


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