March 20, 2009

Fantastic Friday; Fashion!

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Hubby, Marriage, Family, it's just for fun!
Last week's post was about the news, and my entertainment recap, this week it's all about fashion.
If you are a fan of The City, then you already know that star Whitney is coming out with her very own line. I am a fan, and so I decided to take a look at some of her collection. It's fun, flirty, and girlie, all things I love. Now, if I just had the right kind of money in my pockets I could afford Miss Whitney's line. But, maybe some of you can so let's take a peak: Here are some of my favs!

for a Spring day....

I love that everything is pink and girlie!

to the Office.....
To a Baby Shower.....
Just for fun, a day in the park or walking downtown!
For a night out on the town with your best girls!

PS- It's the first day of Spring, and it snows here in Minneapolis! Priceless..wouldn't you say!


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