March 6, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Friday, is the day for randomness and nothingness! A day where anything goes, a day for fun! This Friday morning, I am catching up on's a few articles I found interesting; maybe you will too!

America's Top 10 Most affordable Burbs (I am not looking to move, but I found this interesting)- West Des Moines, Iowa made the list! Yeah! I'd live there.

5 Ways to get the Job You Want, In any Economy (I obviously need to read this!) It says the average America will have 11 different full time jobs, in 5 different career fields in their lifetime! Gosh, I hope that's not true! :( Still, a very interesting article.

Pig-Odor Study (only in Iowa) Where the number of pigs outweigh the actual population, only in Iowa people. Yes, it's true...can this be news? If you don't believe me, read for yourself. People all across Iowa annoyed by the smell, and what to do about it. I say, c'mon people.... did you just wake up a realize that you were living in Iowa? Seriously?!? Anyway, GOP debates on what to do about this issue. I say as the #1 pork distributor in the with it people!

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In Entertainment News,
Britney's Circus Tour kicked off this week, The Bachelor's Jason & Molly are enjoying their 15 minutes of shame as they make the press rounds this week, and American Idol tries to regain fans and interest by adding "the wild card" round in last night's episode. Note to self: AI is sooo over, nothing is going to bring it back. Just like the Bachelor, I think it's time they call it quits!

What are you up to this weekend?
Well, tonight I will be heading over to RLC, to help out with their 2nd Annual Royal Experience event for young girls. It's going to be a fun night. Pictures to come. And Saturday, I will be heading up North to Perham, MN with we meet the designer of her dress and talk all things pageants in hopes for a good outcome. Busy, busy.... but that's the way uh, huh, uh, huh I like it!! :)


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