March 18, 2009

Currently Reading: Next Up!

Next up on my reading list; 'It's all About You Jesus' by Fawn Parish. So here's the deal.... are you one of those people who has an accumulating bookshelf of books you've never read? Well, I have a few on my shelf that I got for reference, or for ministry purposes, that I thought "one day I will need this book." I have a few that I haven't even read since I got them.

I got this particular book from my Grandma, a few years ago... like back when I was still in college years ago! :) She actually had some of her friends who were traveling in their RV passing through Minneapolis drop this book off to me at school. Isn't that an amazing Grandma? Well, that's a whole other blog post. Anyway, I started reading this right away and then got distracted with text books, or something else and never finished it. So, I decided since I am to cheap to buy more books right now that it's a perfect time to start reading those that I haven't or need to finish in this case.

The tag line for this book is; "A fresh call to an undistracted life." Seriously, who doesn't need that? I feel like that's the season I've been in for the last few months. So distracted by all the circumstances happening to me, or around me that I've missed somethings in the middle I know God wants to teach me, and wants me to grow from this experience or season in life I'm going through.
I know this book is good, cause I've read half of it! :) So today, I am starting over reading it cover to cover! My review is coming soon!


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