March 12, 2009

A family weekend.....

<---- we will be staying here!
We haven't seen my family, nor been home since Christmas. Most of you that know me know, that this is a BIG deal! It's been quite a while, and with so much happening since then I am excited that THIS weekend we're having a family weekend. O and I are driving to Iowa tomorrow early morning to Backbone State Park to spend the weekend with the whole family! I'm pretty excited that all or most of my family will be there!

It's going to be a fun filled weekend of hiking, probably fishing, relaxation, girl talk, and bonding together. I'm even going to throw in a family photo shoot since we didn't all get a picture together at Christmas!

We leave tomorrow at 8 AM, it's a 4 and a half hour drive to Iowa where the park is, and I can't wait!! Have a great weekend! See you Monday!


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