March 11, 2009

The House That Mercy Built!

Mercy Ministries was started and founded by Nancy Alcorn, originally started as a place for unwed, pregnant mothers to go where they could find love, restoration, and healing and a figure out a plan for their unborn babies to either keep them or give them up for adoption. A place where they could find the love and support they needed during this time. Over the years Mercy Ministries has helped thousands and thousands of young women find their place in God's House of Mercy. It has now expanded into a place for eating disorder recovery, and helps girls all over the world.

I have been passionate about this cause since I was a teen myself, and have long supported this ministry financially too. I believe in this cause so much, and believe that the heart of a young woman is not defined by the things she has done, it doesn't make her who she is. But, the love of Christ in her is what defines her.

Some of my favorite Christian artists support this ministry too. Recently Natalie Grant visited the Mercy Ministries house in Nashville (it's home base) for a chapel service. I love what she has to say to the ladies:

To find out more about this ministry and how you can help visit:


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