March 8, 2009

Weekend Round Up:

This weekend was crazy, nuts, but fun!
As you know, Friday I headed out to RLC for a girls' event! It was a ton of fun, I got to be the "event" photographer and help out. It was a really great night pouring into the lives of young ladies. Stacie McBride Cox, did an amazing job as the coordinator of the event. Can't wait to come back next year! BIG thanks and CONGRATS go to Stacie and her team who put the entire thing together!
Saturday, I got up early and headed to Perham, MN on a little road trip to meet with a dress designer with with the lovely Tricia! It was a fun day, or chatter, coffee, road trippin'! Saturday night was spent with Hubby, after not seeing each other since Friday morning we were ready to chill and do nothing together!

Sunday, was filled with church and working on LMC stuff from home. I'm excited that I got it all done for the BIG presentation on Tuesday! We're 1 step closer and that's a good feeling.

Tomorrow, I'll be headed to Blaine, MN for a school appearance with Sara (Miss Capital City) it should be a great day!

Now, it's off to finish the website updates for her and then bed! Good night! Hope you had an amazing weekend as well!


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