March 5, 2009

The *Death* of Myspace!

I've been toying with the idea of deleting my Myspace account for some time now. The truth is that I hadn't logged in for months, I wasn't using it, I didn't have Internet at my house and couldn't log on anyway. So it sat, and sat for months, and life has been fine without it.

Here's my issues with Myspace; creepy, dirty and scary adds turn me off! The content is a little touch and go sometimes, you never know what people are going to post! And lastly, they say "Myspace is a place for friends" well, you know what else it's a place for? Viruses!! yes, that's right people..... the last time I logged into Myspace which was about a week ago my computer got a horrible virus on it. And just tonight when I logged in, that same virus came out again. I didn't make the connection last week, since I was only logged on for about 5 minutes. But tonight I was logged in and it happened again. I thought something fishy was going on.

At the risk of not being able to get in touch with my girls in Arizona I mulled over this for a while. So, I deleted my Myspace account for good, for once and for all! It's gone, never to be logged in on again, and hopefully I won't get anymore pesky viruses. My computer is dying, but Myspace had to go first.

So now, you will only be able to find me on Facebook! Which, I like it a lot better anyway!

Have a great weekend!!


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