August 7, 2010

Ava: 4 Months

Four months really proved to be busy, lots and lots of changes with Ava. She's growing and so is her personality. We're getting into a rhythm and groove with life and I kinda love that. It's great for a Mommy who loves and thrives on schedules and routines. 

And when she deviates from the routine (which isn't often) it's not the end of the world since it's so few and far in between. 

She's been putting everything and anything in her mouth these days. She often likes to chew on her clothing pulling her shirts up far enough to read her mouth is her goal. Chewing on fingers, hands, even licking my arms while I carry her. It's so cute and her little way of discovery. 

Right now she's sleeping about 10-12 hours a night. Taking two 1.5-2 hour naps (sometimes 3 hours) a day. For a Mommy this is great, and it's allowed me to really get stuff done during the day. 

She's such a trooper, she goes where we go and we don't have any issues. She goes to friend's houses and plays well there. She does well when we're out at a restaurant, she's quiet and patient. 

This month she had her very first baby sitter. Alone while Mommy & Daddy were out on a date. She did wonderful. Which is a comfort for me to know she did so well, we can leave her again for Date Night! 

She's been starting to teeth this month. She's drooling a lot, and has had days where she's fussy. No teeth yet, but they are on their way. 

She had a great report at the Doctor this month. Here's her stats:
Height: 24.5 inches 55%
Weight: 12 lbs. 9 oz. 45%
Head Cire: 15.5 inches 15% (Doctor said she's got a small head) 

She's a pretty petite little girl. Right now she's wearing 3-6 month clothing. I just packed up the remaining 0-3 month stuff. She's getting to long for them, they still fit her around the upper body but not in length so we made the switch to 3-6 month stuff. 

I have to remind myself that Ava doesn't need anymore clothing. Family and Friends have been so generous to buy her some really cute things and her dresser is busting at the seams. So I'm telling myself that I'm holding off till she really needs something before buying anymore clothing. 

She learned to roll over both ways this month. Now, she's pretty mobile. She scoots and shimmy's her way around the floor. She rolls onto her tummy and side while sleeping. Truthfully, it freaks me out her sleeping on her tummy but the Doctor has assured me it's OK and that I don't need to turn her over in the middle of the night. (but I still check on her often before I go to bed)
Still over all we have a very calm, loving and content little baby. She's the most amazing thing! Orion and I tell each other all the time how much we love her and how amazing she is. 

She's teaching me so much about myself, about God and how much he loves us. I love seeing life through her eyes. She's seeing and experiencing so much for the first time it's awesome to get to be with her the whole way and experience it too. 

I know why people have so many children now (like 4 or 19), because they are so amazing! And it's an awesome time in life. 

As we head into month 5, five is a good number (it's my favorite) I'm looking forward to the next stage. 


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