August 22, 2010

{DIY} No Sew Tutu

My little one was in a wedding this weekend. My good friend Jennie got married this past weekend, and months ago she asked if Ava could be in the wedding to and act as the flower girl. She wanted Ava to wear a fun tutu. I had the pleasure of carrying her down aisle with me. 

So I decided that I was going to try and attempt to make a tutu, and not use my sewing machines. Here's what I came up with: (this is a method, you can switch this up anyway you like to make it work for you.)

First, I got some tulle in coordinating colors for the wedding. 

Next, I needed to decide what I was going to use as the waist band. I took out some ribbon and an elastic headband. In the end I decided to use the already pre made elastic head band. You can pick these up in multi packs at Wal-Mart or Target in any color you want. 

Then, I needed to cut my tulle. I decided that two inch strips would be best for the size. I didn't want them to small since I wanted the tutu to be fuller. I cut the two pieces of tulle into 2 in. strips and set aside. 

I then put my headband over the back of my chair, stretching it out to make it easier for the tulle to be attached. 

I folded it in half and looped it through the headband. 

After I had it in place, I tied a small knot at the base of it to hold it in place so that it didn't come unraveled. 

Then I repeated this process, rotating every other color until I'd used all the strips of tulle. 

Here's what they look like all pretty in a row, you can start to see them look pretty together. 

Using the same method above, I added in some colorful ribbon that matched between every six strips of tulle. 

Here's finished product:

I also bought a glitter lollipop iron on transfer and adhered that to a white onesie to finish off the outfit. 

Then, I hired me some models, paid one in milk, and took pictures of them! Don't they look beautiful?!!?

It turned out pretty awesome! Ava looked adorable, and we got tons of compliments on her pretty tutu! I loved making this so much I think I might use it again for her first birthday party. 

This is also a sweet idea to make some of these for part favors to give out to little girls at a birthday party. They would also be a sweet addition to a fairy themed party. Oh, the ideas that I'm already brewing for that someday! 

They really don't take that long to make. Probably about 30 minutes start to finish, you could crank out a bunch in front of the t.v. watching your fave show! And, they are super inexpensive. I used coupons for the fabric, and already had the ribbon and headband elastic on had. So it only cost me $3 for the tulle. 

Happy Tutu making!

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