August 29, 2010

Milestones: Trying Rice Cereal

The doctor gave us the okay t go ahead and try rice cereal with Ava at her 4 month appointment, she's now five months old. Right after that appointment we moved, and trying rice cereal was the last thing on my mind. I've been avoiding it for the past few weeks because I wanted to video tape it and do it when Orion was here to witness it and take part in the occasion. 

This afternoon when Orion got home from work I decided now was as perfect time as any. So I mixed up the cereal, got the video camera out and had Orion tape the fun that was about to happen. 

She did pretty well. She at first made a really funny face, but then was grabbing for the spoon and very into it. Catch her full reaction in this video:

Even though she took pretty well to the whole experience, I'm not sure yet how much I'll encorporate this into our daily routine. Personally, I would just like to skip it and just wait till she can be on solids. It's a whole mess and more time consuming process I think. And, at this point she's getting all that she needs from nursing so I don't feel like she needs rice cereal as much. But, it was a good experience and fun to see her take on another stage like a champ! 

Truthfully, it makes me a little sad cause she's growing up way to fast. I want her to stay small forever. But, at the same time I'm in awe and just amazed at how much she's changed from the day we brought her home from the hospital. 

She's truly a blessing to us. 


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