August 6, 2010

Friday Frills: At the Eleventh Hour

Um, yes it's Friday. I've got about 45 minutes till it's Saturday. Today was just to perfect of a day I let it get away from me and then I remembered that I wanted to share some things with you today, thus I am writing this before Friday is almost over. 

First, we're you glued to your t.v. set this past Monday? I sure was. I'd been following all season, mostly annoyed with Ali but rooting for Chris because I liked him so. He was my choice, but sadly these girls never choose who I think they should be with. But, since I'm a hopeless romantic and still believe in fairy tales I think Ali & Roberto look cute together here and hope they beat the odds. We need to see another Bachelorette Wedding on Prime time, don't we? (And Jason & Molly's doesn't count)

Trista Sutter, she's a fave of mine. She's debuting a children's clothing line for My Vintage Baby out right now. Here she is with her adorable kiddos. I think she's pretty gorge, and her and her Hubs make adorable children!
Chris Harrison is going to be the host of this year's Miss America Pageant in January. I wonder if he'll come out on stage and state the obvious like he does on the Bachelor? (Ladies, this is your final rose of the night, er..... ladies you will now be walking in evening gown.) Either way CH will be way better than Mario Lopez was the last couple years! 


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