August 12, 2010

Mommy Milestones

The life of being new parents is filled everyday with new milestones, changes and exciting things. As each day approaches I'm in anticipation of what she'll do next. Each month she changes and I can't believe how fast it's all going by. 

It's like I just want to bottle up each moment put them on shelves, so I can open them up and re live them, over and over again. I suppose that's what pictures and blog post are for. Making them memories and then taking the time to record them is a big part of our lives. We get the cameras ready, the video camera charged, wait patiently for those moments to capture. 

We smile and revel in them, for they are perfect and exciting no matter what the stage we're going through. 

All these milestones that we record of our children got me thinking, "What about the Mommy milestones?"

You know, those moments when you feel a small amount of victory in this crazy parenting gig? 

The moments when you feel like you finally got it, and your kids get it too. 

The moments when you put back on your pre pregnancy clothing and they fit to your surprise?!! ( I had that moment this week.) 

The moments when you feel like you and your little ones are finally getting into a sweet groove and routine and it's bliss. 

I feel like that right now, Ava and I are in this great little routine. I know what to pretty much expect from her, how she's going to act, what she's going to do. She naps so well, and it's predictable for the most part. And, I know that I still have a lot to learn and give but I feel like I'm finding out where I want to be as a parent in this stage of life. 
(taken of me & Ava during a rather hard night)

I was smiling in this picture but inside I was thinking, I can't do this. She's crying she won't stop, there are people over, what are they going to think?

But, we got through it. We made headway, we made it to the other side. I have more patience and love than I ever thought I could. 

These are simple, but I want to celebrate every single 'Mommy Milestone' that I have. Cherish these and remember them. 

Because before I know it they will be gone, and we'll be onto the next thing. 


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