August 25, 2010

Family Shoot

I've always had our family photos done by my friend Jessie. When it was just Orion & I it was really easy to get ourselves together and hang out with Jessie & her Hubby and knock out some photos in the mean time. 

Now, we're a family. 

We need pictures.

We moved away.

Jessie and I live 1300 miles away. 

Do you see a problem here?!?

So, even though I do photography I've never shot my own photos. I like getting them done by a photographer, I like worrying about what to wear and picking out the perfect outfit. I like the stress and anticipation it brings. It helps me to remember what my clients go through. And, I like taking a break from behind the camera and being able to be in front of it for once. 

Since money is not on my side and my dear friend doesn't live close anymore I decided that this year my self timer and I were going to become friends, good friends. 

Good enough friends for pictures with my two loves. 

We woke up late this morning, got ready and headed out the door before the Arizona sun got to harsh and hot for us. 

We stopped by Westgate to shoot pictures. Got twenty minutes into it before a security guard told us we couldn't shoot pictures in the shopping center. 


My first attempt at shooting my own family pictures resulted in a twenty minute shoot, where I only got pictures of my Husband and baby. 

But, they are sure cute. Take a look:
Another day we'll try for round two with Mommy in some shots! Stay tuned. 


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