August 5, 2010


These two are my favorite faces to see. The day I married Orion was a great day. The day I gave birth to Ava and we became a family was icing on the cake. 

 I love the blooming relationship between Father and Daughter that's happening here. He loves her and she adores him. Orion is always talking about how he can't wait to take her on "dates" when she gets older just the two of them. And, I too can't wait for those moments. 

He is gentle and cautious with her. He brushes her hair and picks out cute outfits for her. He cuddles with her and it's amazing to watch. It melts my heart and makes me ever so grateful.

I can't ever really say that I had a Father who was in my life. Thankfully I had an amazing Grandfather and Step Dad who were wonderful to me. 

The Father/ Daughter relationship is not something I know a lot about. But, I feel so grateful and blessed that Ava has a Daddy who loves her already. Who cares for her. Who wants only good things for her. Who can't wait to show her things and teach her about life. 

And mostly importantly remind her of how much he loves her. 

That is priceless to me. 

He will be her protector. 

He will wipe her tears, and interview every potential boyfriend and try his best to scare them. 

He will make her laugh so hard till it hurts. 

Sing her bedtime songs and read her stories. 

He will make it all better. 

I already see so much of my Hubby in our little girl. Her laid back disposition comes from her Daddy. She is quiet when she needs to be, and vocal like Mommy other times. 

She's such an easy baby. 
I love the way they cuddle and hold hands. I love the way she smiles at him when he walks in the door after a long day. It makes everything all better. 

And at the end of the day nothing else matters, the cares of the day disappear and it's just Me, Him and Her. 

Something I never knew if I'd experience, but I am so glad that God has given me these two gifts to share my life with. 


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